Personalized Audio in Movie Theaters

myLINGO enhances the moviegoing experience by delivering audio through earphones- powered by the myLINGO app on your mobile device.

Sound is not one-size-fits-all. With myLINGO you can change the volume; turn it down if it is too loud or turn it up if it is too soft. Audio delivered directly to your ears gives a more intelligible experience.

Get fully immersed in the movies. With headphones you can block out annoying theater patrons and ambient noise.
No more distractions.

No English? No problem! With myLINGO, you choose the language in which you want to enjoy the movie. Whether you are a non-English speaker in the US or an English speaker abroad, you will be able to watch any movie, in any language, in any theater.

You can listen to the movie audio while you go to the concession stand or to the bathroom. No more 'holding it in' or asking your friends what happened while you were gone.

Pretty cool right?

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