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    Hear Movies Your Way
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    Enjoy Hollywood movies at
    the theater in your language
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    Personalize your in-theater
    audio experience

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    “Allows non-English audiences to enjoy movies.” - Forbes

    “myLINGO has intrigued Hollywood.” - Fast Company

    “The app can support any language.” - Variety

    “An idea with big potential.” - Boston Globe


Your ticket to a customized movie audio experience

myLINGO is a FREE mobile app that lets you watch Hollywood movies in the theater in another language, using your smartphone and headphones. myLINGO also lets you customize your theater audio experience to your needs and preferences by controlling volume and blocking out ambient noise, so that you can immerse yourself in the film without distractions.

Movies in your language

Making the cinema experience accessible to everyone

Tens of millions of Americans grew up speaking a language other than English, and until now many haven’t been able to enjoy the in-theater movie experience because of language barriers.

With myLINGO, non-English speakers can enjoy the in-theater experience. The myLINGO app plays the studio-approved alternate language audio track through your smartphone and headphones. The audio is synchronized to the action on screen, so multilingual families can truly enjoy the same movie experience together, side by side.

No more waiting for the DVD to enjoy your favorite movie. And because myLINGO works in any theater, you even get to choose where you want to watch it.

Download myLINGO today, and try it for yourself!

Get fully immersed in the movies

Audio that is customized to your needs

Sound is not one-size-fits-all. We all have different sensitivities to volume levels and ambient noise, and there is no magical setting that is ideal for everyone’s needs and preferences.

With myLINGO you can change the volume; turn it down if it is too loud or turn it up if it is too soft. You can block out annoying theater patrons and ambient noise. No more distractions. And for moviegoers who prefer their own personal audio space, audio delivered directly to your ears gives a more intelligible experience.

And it doesn’t stop there – with myLINGO you can continue listening to the movie even if you need to go to the concession stand or the bathroom. Now you can focus on enjoying the film – without distractions or interruptions.

Download myLINGO today, and try it for yourself!

Are You Ready to Try myLINGO?


Download the myLINGO mobile application from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It’s free!

Choose the audio file for the film you want to see and download it - either at home, or someplace you know you can get a strong wi-fi signal.

Make sure your phone is charged to at least 20% battery life. It would be a real shame if your phone died at a pivotal point in the movie.

Bring good earphones that seal the ear canal. We know, you don't normally bring earphones to the theater. Get ready for the new “normal.”


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